Here you find a quick summary of all of our Scrum Board Editions

KEY Features

No matter which solution you will take – they have all the same tremendous features


SAP Focused Build Edition

Based on SAP Focused Build –  supporting all transaction tyoes, e.g work package, work item, task, defect correction and fix pace

Very easy installation and configuration since SAP Focused Build is turnkey.


SAP Solution Manager Edition

Based on SAP Solution Manager ChaRM and Incident management. You decide which transaction types you want to see in a Scrum or KANBAN Board. There is also a mixed mode possible where you decide over the backlog if you put a item in scrum mode or in a continous kanban mode.

The customization effort compared to SAP Focused Build is higher – the price for more flexibility.

Cloud ALM Edition

The Cloud ALM Edition is very easy to use and also the setup in BTP is done in minutes.

The feature scope is currently limited due to a lack of API, but we are working on it. 

Standalone Edition

You are working on a SAP System but you do not using the application lifecycle management of SAP? 

Your business is unique and you define your own processes?

Also for this case we have a solution – our Standalobe Board. Fully flexibilities without any boundaries